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But Then I Came Back- Book Review


I have literally just finished this book, and I loved it.

But Then I Came Back is a story about Eden Jones’ recoverey from her coma. The teenager struggles to fit back into her once perfect life and connect with her friends and family. She begins to doubt who she originally was and her detailed life plan. Eden soon discovers a strange interest in Jasmine, the girl opposite her who is in a coma, but in critical condition. After a chance meeting with Jaz’s friend a romance blooms.

Once I finished the book, I realised that it was a sequel to ‘The Raging Light‘, which is definitely now on my TBR list. I think I would suggest reading ‘The Raging Light’ first as it makes more sense (chronolocially), but it is not essential. I would recommend this book to anyone but I am warning you- you will find it difficult to put it down!

This book has the perfect balance of highs and lows, making me glad I picked it up from the shelf.

Question of the Day: Which book has your favourite cover? I like any book cover if it is colourful and unusual- so anything that stands out. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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